Role Assistant Kitchen Manager (AKM)

Can you supervise, motivate and manage the kitchen team and operations? Can you keep the magic flowing from the kitchen like a river to the sea? Can you maintain attention to detail even when the restaurant is full to bursting?


Responsible for the supervision and management of all kitchen operations and the team; optimises profits by controlling food cost, production, labour and increases sales through food quality, speed of service, and food preparation. Ensures safety is at the forefront of everything we do. Motivating and energising your chefs and pushing them to the best they can be.

We will help you understand

  • How to run 'excellent' shifts;
  • How to manage your kitchen team through inspiration, motivation & development;
  • How to ensure the Restaurant complies with all legal requirements, standards & procedure;
  • How to conduct food demos and recipe demonstrations.

Our Manager Competencies:

Drive for Results / Commercial Acumen

  • Responsible for stock management and profitable margin. Responsible for effective LAS management;
  • A driving force behind great guest feedback and mystery diner visits;
  • Supports the KM/GM with analysis of key performance data, to help drive the brand and increase sales;
  • Manage operations during scheduled shifts that include daily decision making, staff support, scheduling, planning while upholding standards, product quality, cleanliness and Safety.


  • Proactively seeks out new learning opportunities and challenges, responding and adapting to the changing needs of the business;
  • Possesses a positive, confident attitude for tackling new challenges and initiatives;
  • Effectively manages daily priorities, remaining calm and confident, whilst taking decisive action when needed.

Developing Talent

  • Spends time guiding, teaching & providing clear feedback to teams to help them grow & succeed;
  • Empowers team and creates opportunities to maximise performance and development of individual Team Members;
  • Supports and encourages team growth through Development Days, Talent Showcase and NSO Coach assessment days.

Presenting, Communication & Listening

  • Encourages open, honest, and timely communication via our open door policy among Team Members;
  • Actively listens and attends to verbal and non-verbal cues to ensure that the true meaning of the message is captured;
  • Clear communication to department via Hot Schedules / Notice boards and shift meetings;
  • Conduct Quality Circles and Safety Huddles; ensuring teams aware of company process and all safety updates communicated.

Adaptability, Organising & Executing

  • Embraces change in order to drive results and growth, leading to P&L profit conversion;
  • Provide a safe working environment to reduce the risk of injury and accidents through continual repair and maintenance of kitchen + staff areas. Strong understanding of Macromatix;
  • Responsible for purchasing, receiving and storing food products, use of correct products and proper par levels to minimise food waste and optimise food cost;
  • Ensure food quality by following 5 key points of quality and maintaining high levels of cleanliness;
  • Sets performance standards and follows up to ensure accountability for top quality results;
  • Overseas teams individual Development Plans;
  • Monitors progress towards goals and initiatives to ensure timely completion.


  • Creates a following through earned trust and respect, always demonstrating genuineness, openness and approachability;
  • Sets the standard and motivates others through interactions and examples;
  • Understands and adapts leadership style to fit the needs of others, ensuring team members are challenged to learn new skills, maximising strengths and improving weaker areas;
  • Takes a personal interest in others by providing guidance and direction to help team members achieve work and life goals.

Coaching, Motivating & Inspiring

  • Motivate, train and develop hourly Team Members through ongoing feedback, establishment of performance expectations and by conducting performance reviews on a regular basis. Progression and growth is at the heart of our people led business;
  • Ensures the team is engaged and motivated for every shift;
  • Ensure the teams' well-being is a factor in day to day management through our open door policy;
  • Publicly recognises and rewards individual contributions and team accomplishments.